3 Reason Some People Are So Brave


Some people are natural heroes in nearly all of their undertakings. They make it in life and easily sail smoothly in the academic walk of excellence. They hardly struggle to make an impact in whatever they pursue in life.

They easily score the best points: be it a business, relationship, academics or religion. There seems to be a reason that makes some people braver while others remain as cowards.

Let’s unravel the truth behind this puzzle that for centuries has left many scholars looking for skeptical ways to support their lack of understating. Below are the three main facts:

The Brain function

Recent research shows that brave people could be built different. The research shows that a person with a damaged amygdale- the part of brain commonly known for processing of fear could be the main reason they hardly fear. It is also a subject of debate that they kind of become more courageous and take risks that others fear to undertake. This research was conducted on a patient with a rare condition known as Urbach-Wiethe disease. It had affected her brain causing deposition of calcium that later caused lesions on both sides and thus making her become brave.

The Environment

Experts believe that the environment you have been brought up plays a major role in determining if you will be brave or not. If you are exposed to abuse or violence, you will most likely respond to danger very differently from someone who has been brought up in a peaceful environment. According to Cornelius Gross, a senior scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory based in Italy, people become more aggressive and prone to danger after early exposure to this kind of life that also shapes their brave thinking. The scientist further explains that you are tempted to become a bully and a molester if you have been brought up in an environment where people harass and stress you always.

The people around you

Your close allies determine your behavioral characteristics and your attitudes towards certain concepts in life. For instance, if you live with people who are optimistic, courageous, focused and willing to take risks, you will be able to face life from different point of view and thus acquire certain concepts, to be brave and sharp focused. This is what makes other people brave than others. Their brains tend to be permanently wired with time as they walk with likeminded people.



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