Watch Worst Stretcher Bearer Taking Soccer Player Off The Field


One of the funniest sports videos on YouTube right now is of a Soccer player being carried off the field on a stretcher by a complete idiot. Yes, I know that this sounds like something stupid and I thought the same thing until I actually watched the video myself.

It begins with a soccer player getting injured and the lack of appropriate stretcher carrying knowledge creates a complete and total disaster for the injured player.

After the player goes down, a player from the other team tries to pick him up but instead drops him back on the ground. The stretcher carrier and what appears to be a medic comes running up and at first it seems as though the medic is going to see to him but a large man in a vest runs over and they start trying to get the player onto the stretcher. The medic doesn’t seem to like this and he begins to argue with the man in the vest.

Finally they get the player on the stretcher and make it about fifteen feet before the man who brought the stretcher falls causing the player to be dropped, but instead of making sure he has a good grip on the player he tries to carry him with his own body hunched over the player and the arms of the stretcher between his own legs. As you can guess they fall yet again.

Now they take a second to properly pick up the stretcher and carry it and we all think the madness is finally over but it’s not. When they finally reach the sidelines the big man just drops the stretch a good foot from the ground. The player lands and the medic runs over. It seems as though the man will be okay but it had to have hurt being dropped and tossed around so much.



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