Most Buzzed Golden Globes Moment of DiCaprio and Gaga


My friends and I best know the Golden Globes for all the glitz and glamour. And for the fabulous and fashionable, the flowing champagne, flashing lights, red carpet and of course, for the celebrities.

What would we ever do without them. The best of them turned up on Sunday evening in their best, Sunday best if you will.

And watch them we did. They paraded, for us we imagined, and before the paparazzi. We anxiously settled in to watch what would be for us an eventful night. Eventful in the sense of arguing amongst ourselves about who would win what and which lame acceptance speech they would give. The usual for us during such events.

And eventful it was. After the misery of having to endure Ricky Gervais’ outrageously lame transgender jokes, “I am so bad”, we were delighted when halfway into the event, Lady Gaga won the best actress award for her part in American Horror Story: Hotel. She deserved it.

Or did she? Whatever you do, don’t ask Leonardo DiCaprio. As she made her way to the front, she bumped into him. Call it laughter, call it snickering, call it terror. Whatever it was, his freaked out reaction was priceless. Her fans among my friends immediately went on the defensive, calling him rude. They vehemently accused him of “laughing” at her win. Who did he think he was?

Running to their idol’s defense, his fans shouted back that it was all lady Gaga fault. She was the rude one and had deliberately shoved into Leonardo and walked off without so much as an apology. They asserted that his expression was one of shock for after all, he was accustomed to seeing her in more outrageous attire. On that last one, they may have just had a point. Opting to stay out of the fray, and wishing to hear the event above all the shouting, I pulled out my smartphone to stream event live.

I never got to. I was distracted by the battle on social media between DiCaprio’s and Gaga’s fans. The internet was already abuzz with the moment of “altercation” between the two celebrities. The video clip had gone viral. In DiCaprio’s backstage comments to ET Online later, he claimed innocence in the matter and expressed surprise that it was already trending. A truly eventful night for all. And for the interested, my friends are still arguing about it.



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