3 Tips to Teach and Raise a Smart Kids


There is a common saying that goes: make hay while the sun shines. In this regard, raising smart kids entails developing their potential to enable them to be all that they could be from an early age before later years.

This is not always an easy task for it requires some dedication and proper knowledge on the part of the parent or guardian as they raise them. It’s an ongoing process that aims to bring the best out of the kids especially in their intellectual potential. The following are some tips to facilitate this development of your kids in intelligence and make them grow smart.


  • Enough sleep

As obvious as this may sound, kids need to have lots of sleep in their early age for proper development and brain growth. Sleep is known to impact not only mental but also physical not to mention health benefits. Sleep boosts memory, alertness and performance. Enough sleep on a daily basis also enables children to function better and be less prone to most developmental problems. Even though each child’s sleep pattern may vary, it’s crucial for parents to start early and teach their kids on its importance and assist them in developing good sleep habits


  • Playing games

One of the most common activities that kids engage in is playing games. Although most of the times this may seem as just having fun, the movements made while playing including running, jumping, exercising their imaginations with things such as toys and many more are very crucial in their brain as well as general development. With good selected games and toys that are engaging according to the age gap of the kids, they can learn a lot of skills in addition to the obvious physical development. During these gaming activities, brain cells multiply continuously ensuring that they grow to become smart kids. Playing with them at times as a parent is also highly recommended to enhance their emotional development which is also an important aspect of their growth.


  • Teach them to have determination while instilling perseverance

By challenging kids to try seemingly harder things as they grow such as trying out swings, making some hard climb or other tasks that may seem hard for their average counterparts but not overwhelming for them, you would strengthen their confidence build up their spirits and instill in them courage and confidence to try and do seemingly difficult things in their later life and be outstanding among their companions. And while doing all these, another important aspect is that always praise the effort of your kids even for whatever minor things they do for such encourages them to work harder , be more smart, and determined in what they undertake . Hope these tips could be helpful.



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