Watch Luxury Lamborghini Drives Through Flooded Intersection


A white Lamborghini, which is thought to be worth a cool $250,000, showed no fear when it took to the flooded streets of San Diego, California this week.

Captured on video by an observer at an elevated vantage point, this luxury sports automobile proved to be no match for the standing floodwaters. Its impressive maneuverability has caused this video to go viral with more than million view to date.

Shot at an intersection in the Mission Valley area close to the San Diego River, viewers can see a line of cars, trucks and SUVs waiting at a stop light. As the other automobiles slowly began to go through and around the intersection, viewers see the white Lamborghini slowly driving alongside the flow of traffic in the distance.

The low-sitting sports car briefly pauses when it reaches the deepest portion of the flooded roadway, presumably deciding on how to proceed. Without a second thought, the car carefully plows through the highest point, causing the entire hood to the bottom of the front windshield to go underwater before coming at a stop alongside a white SUV.

When the light turns green, the Lamborghini goes through the intersection and passes though one slightly deep puddle that forcefully hits the front spoiler. Observers can see the water spraying out from the under body and rear wheel casing as it quickly gains momentum, speeding past the other drivers on the road with seemingly no damage to the luxury automobile thanks to the rear placement of the luxury car’s air intake valves and engine.

The first week of 2016 brought a torrential rain downpour throughout Southern California thanks to the El Nino storms. 2016’s El Nino, nicknamed Darth Nino, is expected to bring a total of 15 inches of rain to the region, causing drivers of cars, such as the Lamborghini in this video, some difficulty navigating the streets.



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