5 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf


Scarves are definitely the most convenient and permanently trendy fashion accessories for ladies. The range of textiles, sizes and shapes found in scarves cause them to become a perfect accent for many months, events and attire.

A shawl may be tied in several methods to highlight your individual fashion. It could be tied as being a head scarf, neck scarf, a headscarf, as well as a scarf belt. Moreover, all these uses can have a lot of purposes. For instance, some individuals put on a headscarf to ward off wintertime evening chill, a few to protect their hair while on a trip on a motorcycle while other people for religious purposes.

The ways to tie a scarf. You possibly can put on the same scarf or shawl in a different way for various attire as well as events. It may be tied in numerous styles based on the attire, climate and event.

Traditional Shoulder and / or Neck Drape. This is most suitable for evening gowns and other attire you wear during formal night occasions. Fold the shawl or scarf into one-half. Simply hang your scarf around the neck and / or shoulders with the two ends in the front. Keep it in place gently with a pin or a brooch.

French Twist. It is a fantastic fashion for filling inside the neck of a jacket, suit or sweater. Fold your scarf lengthwise, place the scarf in front of the neck, cover, crossing the ends behind your neck and pull onward.Tie just one knot below the chin. Place the knot to one side so that it is not positioned at the center. Complete this look by doing a double knot and let the ends hang freely.

Ascot Wrap. The Ascot is perfect with formal tops, tops matched with skirts or slacks. Pull your scarf within the back of your neck of the guitar while you will connect them with left end a little bit longer than the other. Turn the left end above the right and thrust the left end upward, throughout the neck hook, so that it comes out on top. Undo the top part button of your top and put the ends of your ascot in the hole area of the top.

Male’s Tie Fashion. This particular trend goes with just about everything, particularly with a collared t-shirt. Fold your scarf lengthwise two times to make an S-fold. Hang this folded scarf all over the neck with one end of your shawl a bit lengthier compared to the other. Wrap the lengthier end within the smaller one and tie a loosened knot. Pull the other end of your scarf to modify the length.

The ways on how to tie a scarf are virtually endless. What you need when you want to wear a scarf is a little bit of imagination and creativity. It is also dependent on the occasion you are going to be in. Experiment with the basics and sooner or later you will be able to come up with more different ways of how to tie a scarf!


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