5 Fat Loss Hacks and Habits You Aren’t Using


Weight loss is not easy to achieve and in as much as many people may be willing to subscribe to a weight loss plan, keeping up the pace is often the challenge for many. Thanks to the internet, many can now access information on the opinion of health experts with regards to this subject. These experts have dedicated their time and effort to educate all and sundry on the best weight loss habits, but the question many often ask is, do these tricks work? Well, if you have been trying all that is not working, chances are you have never heard of the following 5 fat loss hacks and habits. Join me as I introduce them, and bid adieu to your weight loss woes.


5. Take Cold Shower

For those who wish to lose weight, the first hack would be taking cold showers. How does this work? Well, before you enter the bathroom, your body temperature is stable but as soon as you sprinkle that cold water all over you, the body quickly reacts by stimulating higher internal temperature in order to compensate for the sudden external loss of the same. Because the body needs metabolism to stimulate this kind of temperature, more calories are burnt as a consequence which means more fat is lost.

4. Get Angry By Purpose

Forget all the negative fuss associated with anger and for once, begin to see it in a positive light. Now, anger is known to increase the heart rate by 10 to 15 times which results in burning of excess calories. However, the trick here is not to know when but how to be angry. Ensure that the emotion is as good as genuine in order to increase the heart rate as much as possible and ensure maximum calorie is burnt.

3. Invest in Caffeinated Drinks Purely

Many have been trying to lose weight by taking coffee or other caffeinated drinks but the results have not been forthcoming. If you happen to be a victim, chances are you have been taking these drinks with something else. A caffeinated drink taken with sausage or donuts will do you no good as far as fat loss goes, which is why it is recommended you take these drinks alone in order to make them more efficient in stimulating the body to burn more calories.

2. Use Intermittent Fasting

It is common knowledge that most health experts discourage fasting per se as a means to weight loss. However, it happens that there is a recommended aspect of fasting – the intermittent fasting. Under this plan, the body is allowed enough time to redirect its energy to other functions that are often replaced with digestion, such as the burning of calories.

1. Eliminate carbs or fruit after 6pm

Fruits and carbs are laden with a form of sugar that is very difficult to process – fructose. Consumption of a diet of these components results in swings in blood sugar and further increases the load on the insulin-producing pancreas. Therefore, avoiding these foods late in the day enables the body to stabilize the blood sugar level which is key in weight loss.



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