Amazing Robot Chef That Can Cook Your Food


Cooking is easily one of the most tiresome and time-consuming household chores. It is also a task that needs to be done compulsorily, multiple times a day.

The person cooking the food also has to be creative and keep on introducing new recipes and techniques so that the dishes do not become boring and predictable.
Most other time consuming tasks in a home – such as washing clothes, cleaning the dishes and even vacuuming the floor – have been automated over the years. However, cooking – the most time-consuming task – is still done manually and the housewife has to still sweat for hours in the kitchen daily to prepare even the most basic food.
Though, automated food preparation has been promised by inventors and robotics proponents since the beginning of the 20th century, it is yet to become a reality.
The Robot Chef
UK-based Moley Robotics has taken up the challenge and developed a robotic kitchen prototype that can prepare your favorite dishes without any human intervention. The company has successfully developed and demonstrated a functioning prototype of the robotic kitchen featuring two robotic hands, an oven and a stove.
A homeowner can select a particular recipe from a touch-screen interface or remotely using a smartphone app and it will be prepared by the robotic arms within minutes. The fully articulated robotic hands are equipped with tactile sensors and are capable of performing fine movements and kitchen tasks including picking and chopping-up the ingredients, pouring liquids, picking and using utensils, operating appliances such as blenders and stoves etc.
This robot chef allows a housewife to effortlessly serve food comparable to that prepared by the best cooks as the robotic system follows standard pre stored recipes. Users can also browse and download recipes from an online library as well.
The prototype of the robotic kitchen has won rave reviews from experts and chefs including Master Chef winner Tim Anderson. It also won the “Best of the Best” recognition at the Consumer Electronics Show, Asia 2015, in Shanghai.
Moley Robotics plans to launch the consumer version of this wonderful robot chef in the market in late 2017 and households around the world can look forward to savouring delicious food daily with zero effort.


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