Watch Unique Sheriff Surprise Bring People to Tears


Motorists in Jackson County, Kansas, Missouri were surprised after they were stopped by traffic police officers, in what was a never before seen operation.

During Christmas season, traffic officers were briefed by an unknown man that gave them money to give to motorists that would appreciate it. They included poor and homeless people in the city.

Secret Santa

An anonymous man walked into the Jackson County sheriff’s department and explained his intentions. Every year, he gives money to poor and homeless people. During the festive season, he gives people a chance to enjoy their holidays. On this occasion, the wealthy man decided to include the police.

The Operation

Traffic police officers went on duty and waited for motorists whose cars were dented and looked like they needed help. They stopped them like they would an offender, and gave them $100. Police explained to drivers that Secret Santa wanted them to have the money for the holidays. Elsewhere, police visited homeless people in the streets and gave them the money. They ensured that people who really needed the money got it in full amount.

The Response

On receiving the money, people were overwhelmed with emotion. They were full of joy and expressed their appreciation to the police. They felt that they could trust the police again after a year that had seen the police being regarded as untrustworthy. On their side, the police were also humbled by the response they got from the people. They felt like they had served the community differently but in a way that brought happiness to people’s lives.

The Mission

The mission of the operation was to give the poor and homeless a happy holiday. Besides, the businessman indicated that he wanted the police to enjoy the exercise and regain the public’s trust. They achieved their mission.



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