Watch This Funny Boy Eat an Entire Watermelon


Internet became one of the easiest sources to have some fabulous content to watch and enjoy according to your choice; you don’t need to search things by name or tiles internet can show your desired content only by categories in a bunch.

There is enormous range of videos and movies like viral videos that present ultimate funny, scary and interesting scenes at your fingertips.Let’s find one of those comic videos here that was caught in Australia during a cricket match.

That pure entertaining video caught at the Melbourne cricket stadium in Australia between huge viewers including men, women and children who all were enjoying cricket match on ground, but one is seriously busy with his hands and mouth not on the field, but off the field in the pavilion.

That particular cricket game was on the edge in final overs, mostly viewers were kept eyes on the bowler, fielders and batsmen, but someone is really ineffective with influence creating by crowd with high shouting and dramatically moving around him. In that cricket match there were 49 runs required to win within 49 balls and batting team has 8 wickets in hand, nobody was able to stay calm and sit back on chairs at this thrilling situation, instead of one hero in the stands.

Interesting and funny move was that that boy crunching watermelon between jumping crowd surrounded. The match is ongoing and situation is extremely exciting, but just look at that hero he is fluently eating watermelon without feeling any impression of critical situation of cricket match that is on 50-50 chance for both teams and whole crowd is enjoying thoroughly beside of this cute boy.

Commentators were also commenting on his cool reaction into the stands by enjoying his watermelon first and “cricket match as an optional content to have it or not.”

This viral video was showing his calmness and concentration at the same time, he was showing one more thing that beer, chewing-gums or cold drinks are not only to enjoy during cricket match here and watermelon can be more interesting stuff to focus rather than running fielders.



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