Incredibly Amazing Water Absorbing Concrete Cement


Recently, there has been this incredibly amazing discovery in the science field. One will indeed witness that this bizarre concrete of cement is able to absorb up to 4000 liters of water within a span of 60 seconds (that translates to almost 880 gallons).

Apparently, there has been a video which has been circulating on the internet showing a truck which is incessantly pouring water on a parking lot made of that cement. One will be surprised on how the water vanishes as soon as it hits the ground without a trace being left behind.

What is the idea behind this amazing Top mix permeable cement? In an effort to ensure that the effects of the floods are minimized, this concrete was designed. Actually, it works perfectly well as it has the capability of allowing the water to permeate or infiltrate through its surface rather than flowing on the top.

Another interesting thing that comes out is that the cement is meant to forestall paddles on the roads and different paths used in cycling thus ensuring that the safety of people is taken into account during the rainy seasons.

This amazing concrete has come out to be exceptional due to its heavy weight in relative to other concretes. it can be comfortably applied in areas where pedestrians generally impose low weight on the surface. Thus it has been adopted in the cities globally in creating pavements that can help eradicate the risk emanating from stormy water.

The designers of this cement states that they wanted to concentrate more in ensuring that the drainage systems (especially in the urban area) are contained and maintained well. Due to establishment of permeable surfaces this has really helped to even control the drainage systems where most of the waters could have been clogged within them.

Interestingly, as the water flows down the pebbles of the permeable surface, it can infiltrate underground and form a reservoir than can help to generate rain when such water evaporates during the high temperature periods.

Actually this is one of the modern discoveries that can really shape the way floods can be contained especially in tarmacs on flood-prone areas and pathways.


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