Watch Amazing Dance of Finale Norwegian Talent Show


Norwegian Talents or Norske Talenter is a talent show that is organized in Norway, same type of talent show is observed in Britain with the name Britain’s Got Talent.

In the Norwegian talent show, anyone can be the part of this show who is living in Norway and is having any astonishing ability that is exceptional in nature as compared to the rest of the participants.

It is a step wise procedure through which the participants are selected in equal intervals (episodes). The auditions are conducted all over the country and the jury consists of panelists who are experts in their grounds.

There is a lot of music, excitement and dance involved in the show as it is the biggest show that is arranged in the country which also helps the participants to show, and make their carriers in the desired fields by providing them a great platform.

A fair and transparent procedure is conducted in order to short-list the candidates for the arranged talent hunt. All those who are participating in the talent show of Norway are different in their talents and abilities, and with their amazing skills they attract the audience and the judges.

In this video Navid  also know as bboy Spagetti and his dance group introduced dance mix of Norwegian with Persian dance with both country classic music and they gained the attention of the judges and guests by presenting a very energetic yet smooth tone and it was very unique performance.




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