Watch Strange Sea Giant Monster Catches in Cambodia


A video was released on Social Media Networks , detailing the scene of a strange animal found in Vietnam. A massive crowd surrounds a curious, leathery, dark skinned creature.

A person, likely an official, repeats instructions in Vietnamese calmly through a broadcasting microphone, while workers climb gingerly over the body to tie it to chains. The body is long, like a sort of giant sea-snake, with a height taller than a grown man; the camera pans across to its head, elongated like a dolphin’s. Two flippers, oddly short for the size of its body, hang uselessly around its neck.
All the while, the crowd chatters and screams and films the proceedings on their phones. There is a shriek – the creature’s body is moving! It is unclear, though, if this is due to its own will, or the hiking of it from the chains tied by machines.
The body is lifted up on to a long truck. Honking can be heard in the distance, suggesting road blockage due to this incident, making the question of how the creature got to be inland all the more curious.


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