Is It Possible to Have a Doppelganger in Real Life ?


A doppelganger is a look-alike or double of a living person. This is not the same as, for example, someone such as a stunt double or substitute, because such people are not really exact copies of each other and are only made to resemble each other.

Instead, the term is more nuanced. It was borrowed directly from German and plays a major role in paranormal folklore and superstition. How strange it must be to come across someone you don’t know but who looks just like you!

Because of the intrigue behind such ideas, there are many theories about what is really going on and whether or not superstitions or beliefs based on these beliefs are really true. Does my doppelganger have the same feelings as I do? Do they come from the same family line? Have they had the same experiences? Will they have the same falls and fortunes in life? And the questions go on and on. However, before even trying to being answering any one of these questions, we must step back and ask ourselves a more fundamental question: do doppelgangers even exist?

On the face of it, the simple answer would be yes, they do. By simply looking at the incidence of people who have come across other people who look eerily like themselves, doppelgangers are in fact not that uncommon. In fact many documented reports indicate that it is in fact quite amusing to find someone who looks just like you, only to get to know them and to realize how different the two of you really are! And think of identical twins: from birth, each twin is an exact doppelganger match to his or her sibling. And the situation must even more strange for identical triples or quadruplets!

Thinking of things from a statistical or biological perspective makes it sound like having a doppelganger really isn’t that big of a deal. What can be strange, though, is coming across someone who is unrelated to you who has the same features and looks as you do and who shares other similarities that were not unexpected. This can be quite offsetting. And things get even stranger if you come across the photo of someone who has died who happens to look a lot like you. It makes for interesting questions on whether or not there are ghosts and what goes on in the supernatural world with someone who has your looks!

At the end of the day, having a physical doppelganger is not really a big deal. In reality, things only really come down to the good or bad that people see in themselves. Your fate is what you make of it and no one, not even a statistical lookalike, can change that.



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