Watch Amazing Friendship With King of Jungle


Kevin Richardson is a man who has a amazing ability to communicate with some of the wildest animals in Africa, like lions, cheetahs and panthers. He lives nearby in Johannesburg and he actually spends more time with them, than with his family. He is able to live and sleep with them and also takes care of them.

Kevin is a zoologist and self-taught and has a unique relationship with animals, that he cultivated from many years. Actually, he came close with animals when he was still very young, at first with smaller animals, that he used to keep around his home as pets. Eventually his fascination with wildlife led him to break the rules of safety and get closer to bigger and wild animals.

Today, he does not use the common methods, other people use to approach the animals, but instead he uses love, trust and affection. Over the years, with his unusual method he has created some special bonds between him and his wild friends. Above all he believes that all these animals are special creatures, with their own personalities and need to be treated as that, but he knows all the dangers involved, but insists on taking the risk and be around them.

He actually loves lions, but he feels more confident with the ones he has known since birth, but he can become close friends with any lion that is less than one year old. Kevin spends many hours of the day with them, by playing, feeding them or just sitting and making good company with them. According to him, when he is around his wild friends he definitely rely on his instincts to gauge an animal or a situation, but in case he feels he mustn’t come closer, he doesn’t approach a creature. Above all he doesn’t use chains, whips or sticks, but only love and patience – this is his passion.


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