Top 3 Fitness Tips for Women


Nothing feels better with a woman than having a healthy and fit body. The interesting part of this is that you will find the same woman with these junk foods yet she claims she wants to have a healthy body.

The following are the 3 top and proven fitness tips for women to have that fit and healthy body: / Health and fitness.


Exercise regularly

Women have busy lifestyle and sometimes they neglect their body and health in a rush to meet deadlines. To them, eating becomes norm without recognizing that their body requires exercise. Exercising regularly is as important as having your meal.

It is considered important to undergo physical exercise, if possible on a daily basis to keep your body fit and agile. Sitting on that office chair or home couch for long hours and staring at the computer or television can lead to various health issues.

Stretch yourself, go for walks in between, and take the stairs instead of the elevator as well as taking some fresh air outside the office. You can also decide to go hit that gym or involve yourself in physical activities like yoga, swimming or even squash. Eventually, you will burn calories and keep you fit.

Eat healthy

The first step to getting that fit body is by choosing the right food to eat and eating them at the right time. Eating meal late or skipping meals will harm your health in the long run and make a person prone to diseases and infections.

Additionally, women should understand the nutrients their body needs and make an effort to include them in their daily meals. For a healthy life, a woman should take items rich in iron, folic acid and calcium. Eat dry fruits and veggies to complement your system. You can focus on the training that educates people on the right foods to take during the different times.

Regular check-ups on your health

Check-ups are so vital to you that they help you know if you are suffering from any illness that may be hidden. Some of us may be suffering from heart disease and the only way to know this is by visiting a doctor.

Early detection leads to better treatment and therefore, make an effort of visiting a doctor on an interval of, say, one month.

Based on your health, the doctor will advise you on the exercise that can work out for you. For example, when people think of hearth healthy exercise, they think of cardio activities like jogging. But, you be surprised when a doctor recommends a different exercise. Doctors recommend different exercise depending on its intensity and how will it can help cure a disease.


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