Watch Female Referee React with Brazilian Footballer


A Ponte Preta footballer abused a Brazilian female referee and the way she tackles it is quite impressive.


In a match between Ponte Preta and Sao Paulo, Tatiane Sacilotti, a lineswoman signals a throw in. But Ponte Preta footballer Biro Biro became angry because of her decision and heads to her to scare her and dress her down. Surprisingly, Tatiane responded with a classic angry woman comeback. She argued back until Biro went back to the field. While walking off to the field angry Biro waved off his hand. To this, Tatiane Looked back a furious glance.This video became viral very fast on various social networking platforms.
Women are not given the status they deserve in the especially in soccer or any other sport. There are already less women as compared to men in the industry. And those who word in the industry face abuse regularly.This video shows how these abusers should be handled.



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