5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Be Happy


Today, our culture is always oriented by action. It is clear that many of us believe that working hard determines our success as well as our happiness. People believe that the more they work, the more they are valued and the more they obtain trophies and awards, the greater they become. After they are so exhausted by the end of this competitive life, it is the time they realize that they cannot get happiness.


To avoid falling victim of this belief, you don’t have to get lost in this race of working so hard that you forget that life can sometimes be joyous. Create happiness by following the following tips:

Get enough and better sleep

This makes a person to be less sensitive to negative emotions. Lack of enough sleep is the cause for psychiatric disorders like bipolar depression and anxiety. It is known that sleep helps our bodies to easily recover from the day’s wear and tear and repair ourselves. Always aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep for each night. Enough sleep makes a person to be more productive, function better, improve his or her memory and feel more joy.

Exercise more often

One of the proven ways to overcome depression is through physical exercise. It has indeed a great effect on someone’s mental health. Exercise makes people happier when not depressed by making them feel better about their body. Instead of viewing exercise as a medical tool for preventing disease, losing weight and living longer, which are benefits that are enjoyed in the future, view exercise as a daily tool to enhance the mind’s frame, reduce stress as well as feel happier.

Spend some time outdoors

Spending some time out, getting sunshine and fresh air enhances mood, improves the working memory and broadens thinking. This also makes a person socialize and interact well with people. A key to happiness is spending time with people who you can share jokes, stories and laugh together.

Spend some time meditating

Meditation helps a person to lower the level of stress. Practicing it regularly helps clear the mind as well as making them focus. Additionally, it helps the nerves to calm and support the inner peace of a person. Meditation leads to physical changes in the brain of a person making him raise self-awareness, more compassionate and happier.

Help others

When a person volunteer to help others, the risks of depression and anxiety are lowered and his psychological well-being enhanced. This makes a person to be active and get a definite social aspect that contributes to his happiness. Volunteering to help others makes a person acquire a greater sense of purpose and sometimes leads to helper’s action that occurs because doing good things releases Oxycontin hormone that is associated with feeling good. This lowers the level of stress.

Remember, happiness comes from within. The factors that increase a person’s happiness tend to do so from inside as happiness that last cannot be achieved from external sources. It should be clear that in life, happiness does not depend upon who you are or how successful you have become, but it depends on what you think.


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