3 Tips to Become a Bodyguard


If you have ever wanted to become a professional bodyguard or personal security you might have wondered what really it entails. Body guards in a nutshell are simple trained professional who have a duty to accompany high profile individuals like cooperate executives, professional sportsman and celebrities about their normal business.


With becoming a professional bodyguard you have to be and look the part through various strength training methods

What being a celebrity bodyguard entails

Before delving on how to be and look the part it is good to consider what it really means to be a bodyguard. To get this clear you have to understand that it is not the mere superficial following of a person around with huge muscles. To help you succeed in your career path below are 3 tips that will help you 

  1. Knowledge of what is required of you

The first thing you should have is a detailed knowledge of what is really required of you. As you will delve in the field of protection you have to understand that this is a risky operation and that the client’s safety comes first. This means that you will simply have to place your comfort after your clients and push all other commitments to the background. In a nutshell this means at any given time, analyzing ways in which your client will be safer is necessary

  1. Sound health

In becoming a great bodyguard having great health is important. This means that you have to be in great shape and general good health. The need of bodybuilding comes to play in order to garner up the strength that is required to physically confront oncoming dangers. At the very least you should have great vision, hearing and sense of smell. To complement these facts you should be quick in mind, thinking and coming up with solutions when an unforeseen occurrence comes by to ensure the clients safety and privacy

  1. Well trained and licensed

Finally you have to remember that being a great bodyguard entails more than waking up one day and deciding to be one. Certain elements and skills come in play and thus extensive physical training and aptitude training in various defensive tactics is necessary. In tandem with this you have to learn basic skills like how to handle a weapon, giving emergency first aid and be good at defensive driving. After meeting all the qualifications and understanding that the client comes first; ensure you have your license get signed up to a reputable agency in order to start your career as a celebrity bodyguard.


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