Watch This Funny Moment in Wedding You Can’t Stop Laughing


Just as the bride and the groom are about to take their wedding vows and exchange rings to live a happy married life, there is a ‘fail’ moment on the part of the groom’s dad which causes everyone to go laughing.

Watch this funny video where everyone present at the wedding has lots of fun. Some even burst into tears of joy! The son can’t help but control his laughter! When I watch it I knew this video is going viral ! Although the bride maintains her composure as calmly as she can, the groom repeatedly tries in vain to be serious with the rituals, chuckling and trying to control his laughter as hard as he can. He laughs so hard that the bride has to wipe sweat off his face! However, the poor fellow is not to be blamed. Even the priest keeps cracking a joke or two on the embarrassing situation at hand in the midst of the vows. The next time the groom’s dad attends any such event he will surely keep in mind to wear a good belt !


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