Watch People Funny Reactions to Farting in Time Square


There’s nothing better to say than the fact that this video will brighten your day. Granted, I’m far from the type of person who can’t laugh at something genuinely funny even if it is a somewhat immature prank.

The first Funny poor victim of the prank that was targeted in the video had a look on her face that was priceless. From there, I knew the rest of the video would be gold.
I liked that towards the end of the video, people’s reactions started to be seen, supposedly as a crowd began to gather around and watch the prank continue to unfold.

It was a frustration to see people getting grossed out each time and not figuring out that it was clearly a prank. Then again, it’s easy to play “armchair quarterback” and imagine that you wouldn’t have been tricked. All I know is that with one watch of that video, I was an immediate subscriber , no hesitation!



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