How Does a Male Lion Attract a Female Mate ?


Lions are the only truly sociable wild cats living in groups known as prides. Unlike the cats males and female do not have to look for each other since they already live together. A male lion understands well when the female is on heat.


She releases certain hormones to inform him of her condition. The females can also flirt with the males by rubbing her body on his. This means that there bodies require stimulation before mating.

The mane in the lion is one of the things that are used to attract a mate; typically the lioness is often more impressed with a long, thick, mane more than a smaller one. More so, the darker the mane the higher the chances of getting the female lion. This kind of mane is attractive to females since it is intimating to other lions. This makes the lioness believe that she is protected. This area of the body protects the lion’s neck during a fight. This is unlike every other animal.




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