Watch Amazing Bird Who Can Mimic Laser Guns Sound


We know that humans can imitate sounds made by other people o animals and we have no problem with that. Their intelligence levels enable them to learn the sounds. Take the case of a bird that mimics other birds. Isn’t this weird? Of course it is. Well, beware such birds exist.

In fact, they are able to mimic even sounds made by human beings. The make amazing sounds whenever they need to attract their friends of the opposite gender bird, their mates. This kind of impersonation is something that has astonished the world. There is no single person who has been able to give an explanation as to why these birds go to an extent of mimicking human sounds.

Sometimes, I imagine a bird making this sound today, and another or several other sounds at different times. At times, making sounds that are close to that of a human, a different bird or a different animal altogether. At this time, I tend to ask myself if I can communicate with this bird like I do with my colleagues at work. I still do not know if this is possible, but I admire the viral videos I watched online about the mimicking birds. I even go to an extent of thinking that such birds should have been domesticated, something that makes me think that nature was a little unfair to them. Supposing the chicken people rare at home had the same capability. I just can not stop thinking how the situation would be at our homes.

They also mimic for territorial protection. By making different sounds, others will think that the area has many families living there. This will make the intending visitor to simply pack and move to other areas to look for a life, living the mimicking birds as the sole inhabitants of the territory in question. That said, mimic birds will never seize to seem weird.


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