Amazing Video When Kids Asked to Pick out Their Moms


Pandora chose a small group of women and their young children (All of them between the ages of three and nine) to participate in an experiment that celebrates the bond between a mother and her child as well as the unique beauty that every woman, regardless of age, shape, or color, has to offer the world.

We all know that every mother shares a one of a kind bond with her child but this experiment shows it in a simple yet incredibly heart felt manner. Each child was blindfolded and led towards a row of women in random order, given the simple instruction to find his or her mother using touch and intuition instead of relying on their eyesight.

The women waited in a row as the blind folded child went up to each one in turn. The children would grab the women’s hands, feel their clothes, smell them, pay attention to their jewelry, and have the woman bend over so the child could feel her hair. The mother of the child anxiously waited with tears in her eyes to see who her child would declare mom. Each child in the experiment managed to pick out the correct woman in the group; the only one he or she could call mom! Each mother’s eyes lit up with joy at the moment her child chose correctly.

Tears were shed, hugs were given, and it would be impossible for anyone watching this video not to be touched by the displays of love caught on film. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and every relationship between every mother and child is something unique that ought to be celebrated. To a child, his or her mother is everything and is the most important person on earth. Pandora manages to show this in a simple experiment with a large impact.


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