Watch Funny Video When Son Prank His Mom


This funny video on this link below is awesome and shows how to prank a pranker Mom , Sounds great right !? You’ve got to watch How They Do it .

In the video, set in Dubai, a guy sets up a prank with 2 of his friends. They have a beautiful white car and he has told his mom that he is going to take her to a traditional dinner in the desert. He intends to give her the best ride of her life to the dinner!

When his mom shows up he gets in the back of the car, with his mom riding up front with the driver. After a few minutes of talking the driver puts his foot down and then flips the car up onto 2 wheels. This sends the guy’s mom into a frenzy and scares her into thinking she’s going to die. They stay on two wheels for a while going around a roundabout before going back onto 4 wheels.

The driver then does the same trick again, and goes back onto two wheels, but this time half way through the stunt the mom passes out. At first they don’t seem to notice, then when they do panic sets in and they stop the car and pull over. The guy’s mom is slumped over and not moving and he can be heard repeating “Is this serious?” as they try to revive her.

The driver pulls out a bottle of water and one of the other passengers starts to dab water on her forehead, but they fail to bring her round.

Then, just as the panic is starting to set in, she wakes up revealing that she was playing dead to prank her son back and to teach him a lesson! She admitted that it was the scariest thing ever but she got her son back big-time and he’ll think twice before pulling a stunt like that again!


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