Watch Amazing Moment of Mixing Coca-Cola, Mentos And Nutella


I’m sure you have enjoyed Nutella, Coca Cola, and Mentos candies on their own, but you will never guess what can happen when you mix the three together.

In this amazing viral video you can see what happens and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. First the creator of this viral video has a large two liter of Coca Cola set up on the table, then he adds in a healthy spread of Nutella into the bottle.

After that he takes several Mentos candies, and using a stretchy latex container he seals the bottle and pushes the candies into the two liter bottle. The coke practically explodes out of the bottle and fills the latex balloon until it bursts! All of that happens within seconds and you’ll get a kick out of the reaction of the videos creator. A lot of people debate about why Mentos candies react that way with soda. Do some research and see what you think is the reason!


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