Watch People React When He Ask Strangers For Pizza


Do you believe that few minutes can change your mind to the people, we are rich enough to buy a meal of a day. Just watch this three minutes video can you will find how we the people are, we have more than sufficient money to buy our food for a month in a few minutes, but when it asks by a poor, homeless or needy one, what we react?

In this video there is a man frequently asked a slice of pizza for different people who are eating pizza and they refused his request even after he said that he is so hungry will you please share a slice of pizza. He tried this one, two, three and more people, but nobody showed interest to share a single slice with him.

Just after that same guy bought a pizza and gave to a homeless person sitting on roadside and just left that place after wishing him. A boy came to that homeless man and asked him to share a slice of pizza because he is so hungry, do you believe what happened?

That homeless man shared his food with that strange boy even without seeing him or asking anything. That boy is one of the team that is testing people under a social experiment about hunger and the help. What the people are doing man? We are not ready to share a slice of pizza than how we can expect anything from other strange people around us?

This is not a story only of this part of city, but may be it is happening around the world. It is possible that there are some more embarrassing moments happening with poor and needy people by more selfish people in other parts of this high-tech, developed and educated world.



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