Sofia Asgari Holland’s Got Talent Sings an Opera


A young girl took the world by storm in the display of immense talent that left all who heard her in awe or jealousy.

Sofia Asghari only 12 years old at the time left the judges and audience of the television show Holland’s Got Talent clapping and listening with bated breath as she exploded with beautiful chords and san an opera. The aria piece was part of “Queen of the Night” from ‘The Magic Flute’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

This amazing little angel took the show that day as she achieved vocal heights with her voice that were near impossible. And even though one of the judges thought her choice of song was difficult, the young tall girl from Winterswijk Holland proceeded to blurt with ease and grace as she tried her best to emulate and live up to the standards of her idol André Rieu. The pitch range of “The Queen of the Night” has posed challenges for many opera singers. The aria reaches a high F6, which is rare in opera. She managed to do all these having only taken singing lessons for only 6 months!. Her talent is beyond question.

Seeing Sofia singing the opera with such grace and talent brought back memories of a former young and upcoming singer, who had achieved the same feat of leaving the judges speechless. Amira Willighagen, only at nine years old had also managed to steal the show’s audience with a display of great vocal talent beyond her tender age.

It is seeing talent like this in the young generations that restores one’s faith in humanity, leaving one with the hope that the future will at least have some semblance of good music and art. For what is the world without good music and beautiful art.Music is the only art brings and unites people together !


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