How Being Kind Makes Good Things Happen


Kindness is the act of showing good will and being friendly towards other people and the society at large. The argument is that if people have good will towards others, there is high likelihood that the people treated fairly will pay in a positive way at a future date.

Like Aesop once said, no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted, it will always produce positive results.Being kind is the act of being enjoyable, or delightful towards others. Good things are rarely paid with bad things. This means that showing the virtue of kindness to other people creates value to them which they later reciprocate in a positive manner hence the result is goodness.
Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intentions and what a person does has an influence in a big way in that individuals’ future. Doing something with goodwill gives positive results while bad deeds will always produce bad results hence the argument behind kindness leading to pleasant things arises.
Personality defines the actions of individuals and the people with personality to help others will lead to positive results because they do not only add value to their lives but also to the lives of others by simply being good to them.
In addition, application of more strength in serving people or doing something for the benefit of others will always be paid in a positive manner. This is because people are influenced positively and therefore their behaviors are influenced in the same manner.

Things that are self-evidently wonderful to anyone to notice are perceived to be good things. These are things people perceive not to have bad effects to them and are a result kindness.
In conclusion, like Mark Twain once said, the language of kindness can be heard even by the deaf and seen by the blind hence its’ result is always good.


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