5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes Brides Make


While the way you dress during your wedding is crucial, your makeup is important too. Whether you will be married soon or just dreaming of your wedding, you can ensure that you look the best on your D day by avoiding these 5 biggest makeup mistakes brides make.


1.Experimenting something new

Most brides get too caught up in their special day, thus ending up doing more than they would usually do, and it ends up being too much. Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with smoky eyes or yellow lipstick. You need to choose tones that you will feel comfortable with and enhance your beauty. You goal should be to look like yourself, just defined and finished.


2. Failing to book a makeup trial.

You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying it, would you? Absolutely no. Therefore, do not fail to schedule makeup trial with your artist. It is important step because you need to figure out the look you would want and ensure your makeup artist can work on it comfortable. It is an extra cost but a worthy one. It is advisable to schedule for your trial makeup at least two months prior the wedding. If you are not happy with the first trial, you will have time to try out another one.


3.Not waterproofing your makeup

Not only should you wear waterproof mascara but also a waterproof foundation. As a happy bride, you are bound to shed some tears. It is embarrassing to have streaks of black or brown mascara running down your face or brown streaks where the foundation has came off. Decide weather you want to use lipstick or lip stain. For sure, some lipsticks can leave long-wear color that won’t come off on his collar, but just to be safe, it is advisable to go for a lip stain if you want to wear a darker lip look. The last thing you would want is to have lipstick all over your face and on dress when you finally kiss your groom.


4. Failure to pack enough emergency kit

Even with the most expensive budge-proof makeup, you should keep a few things on hand for maintenance or touch-ups –- remember the wedding day is very long. You would not want to look oily on your special day. The best remedy for this is to carry oil absorbing sheets ; they don’t remove the existing makeup. Some other important products to carry are cotton swaps, your lip color, and tissues to fix lash glue, translucent powder, and any smudges if you are wearing falsies.


5. It wrong to forget about bridesmaids makeup

You will hang out with your bridesmaids all the day, so they are going to be in dozens of your photos; give them some advice regarding their makeup so that they look cohesive. You don’t need to have brides maids with different makeup and hair because it looks ill planned.

Getting married is a wonderful experience, so you want every step and moment of the wedding ceremony to be perfect. But since this is probably the largest party you will ever organized in your life, it’s is important to avoid these 5 biggest makeup mistakes brides make.


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