5 Types Of Women You Can’t Trust


Have you been asking yourself why you cannot meet a decent woman? If you the girl you are dating turn out to be weird or annoying perhaps you have been dating the wrong woman.

Ideally, there isn’t just one type of a girl that is suitable for everyone in a relationship. There are so many women in the world and it is impossible to find any two who looks exactly the same. However, there are some categories of women whom you cannot trust, therefore, should avoid at all costs. If you steer away from these 5 women you will avoid a lot of headache in future

1. The cheater

There are ultimately two types of cheaters. The first one will announce her history of infidelity on the first date while the second girl one will cheat without admitting even when you confront her directly. In his case your only way of finding the truth is asking someone who knows her well. Since trust is the foundation of any good relationship you should not date cheaters at all costs

2. Women who likes arguing

This is the woman who has made it her hobby to argue about everything in the relationship. She has the techniques of bringing up topics and past arguments that are completely unrelated to issues at hand. The more you tell her off the more she will continue to argue. She may also try to make you feel guilty about everything you do. If you trust this type of woman now is the time to run away

3. Lack of brains

Although she is pretty and has a hot body, the conversations are not all that stimulating. If you are dating such type of woman you must be prepared to come up with interesting topics every time you are meeting her. Although dating may be allowed when it comes to serious relationship you may lose interest faster than you thought in these women. This is a recipe for chaos and before you know it you are very far from each other.

4. The princes

This is a high maintenance girl. If she breaks her toe she expects you to postpone everything to attend to her. More so, she will not go to a pub to watch a game if it is not trendy. She will constantly keep you busy by taking care of all her needs which will cost you every penny that you have.

5. Bothersome women

This is the type who will insist that you spend all your time with her. Practically, she will refuse to let you out and have a nice time with the boys or spend a significant amount of time with others. If you suggest that she hooks up with her buddies as you connect with the boys you will be faced with an argument that you have never witnessed before. Remember, if you cannot have some independence in your relationship, it won’t last long.


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