3 Top Reasons Why Men Cheating His Wife


Its quite surprising to find how marriages are falling apart today due to infidelity. Research reveals that many men cheat at some point in their relationships than women.

Though their are some women who are used to having cheating husbands; and they can tolerate their behavior but the majority are said to have left their cheating spouses altogether. But why do men really cheat? Is their a driving force that lead men into cheating? Are the women in their lives involved in their straying ways? Or is it just to fulfill their ego? Well, their are many reasons as to why men cheat. In this article, I will extensively discuss the 3 main reasons why men would cheat on their wives or girlfriends at some point in their relationships.


Men hate drama in their lives. From never ending quarrels resulting from insecure wives to nagging women all can drive a man into cheating. Every man views his home as a place to relax but when his home turns into a battleground, they often start seeking for a sanctuary elsewhere especially when their ego is bruised. This can include a woman who will give him all the love and caring he might be missing from his partner/wife. When he gets a woman who can respect him for who he is an affair will most likely occur. Why is this so? The reason is because; how women respond to stress is quite different from how men behave. Men will always respond to stress by engaging in behaviors such as drugs, alcohol or even worse Relationship.



Most men find it hard to avoid temptations. Some will but majority will fall prey. From a beautiful co-worker to an old high school crush. Maybe he had too much to drink or he just couldn’t control himself. Study reveals that men will most likely cheat on their spouses when they feel that the chances of being caught are slim and say to have been engulfed with guilt after realizing what they had just done. You will be surprised that some men its not about temptations, they just feel its right to do so. Maybe his past. He saw his father have multiple women and he was raised thinking that cheating is just part of the norm. In some cases, they just love the chase or they are bored in their current relationships.


3. Relationship

Lack of Love Life in a marriage and boring Relationship life can all lead a man into cheating. Its often stressful for a man being denied love all the time he comes home. Whether the woman is genuinely tired or claiming to be sick. Men often think that they are not desirable and to feel good about themselves, they opt to cheating. When people get into a relationship, the early stages can be really fun. But what happens when the fun is gone? What happens when the man feels that their is no variety and everything seems boring? When the spark is all gone men tend to look elsewhere to get the satisfaction they need.

In conclusion, its not all men who end up ruining their marriages by cheating on their spouses. Some are mature enough to value the women they have in their lives. Cheating brings distrust in any relationship. If men feel they might end up cheating because of the reasons above, I suggest they talk to their partners and see if they can change on certain behaviors.



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