Unexpected moment when tiger walking into store


What would you do if you went for shopping to the local shop in your neighborhood and had to do your shopping with an unexpected visitor, like a tiger? This is actually a real incident and it was one of those awkward moments, where no one believes that will ever happen to him.

All of a sudden, a tiger entered a local store, holding a Frisbee in her mouth… It actually seemed like a normal day in the local store, when the wild animal entered -with convenience and no hurry- into the store. As you can understand, all the visitors were caught by surprise and couldn’t believe in their eyes. But as soon as they realized what just happened, most of them began running out of the shop, living their groceries behind. It was an unexpected and scary moment and people didn’t want to stay in the store and share their shopping experience with a tiger.

Moreover, the clerk freaked out and hide himself behind the cashier’s desk, in order the wild animal couldn’t see him. But the tiger had other plans; didn’t want to attack or fight with anyone. Just wanted to make a walk within the store…The most important thing is that the animal didn’t hurt anyone. It was like the animal wanted to find something or was looking for someone to continue playing Frisbee.

After a few minutes the wild animal turned around and moved towards the door. Maybe the tiger didn’t found what she was looking for in the store. Eventually the animal found it’s way out – with calmness again- without causing any problems.Since the day this incident took place, the video went viral and many people around the world watched it and couldn’t actually believed it. After all, it’s not one of those things that can happen to you every day.


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