3 Foods to Avoid Face Acne


Our face is what carries the whole body’s image and thus the urge to keep it attractive. Everyone wants a smooth glowing skin but it is paramount to note that we are all different and our bodies don’t function in the same way, so for some having a beauty face just comes naturally while for the others they have to try all means possible to eradicate this problem. Acne happens when the skins opening is blocked, our bodies produce toxins which could also be the cause of this dilemma. It is necessary to find out what is the cause of your problem so that you can solve it.

Below are some foods that you should avoid to get a glowing skin:

Model face of beautiful smiling woman


This is a no- no for those who suffer from acne, reason being that milk mostly skimmed milk is hard to dissolve because it contains a natural growth hormone used by cattle to increase milk production thus initiating pimples .So if this is your daily routine you will need to consider other options. If you are not sure whether to quit then you may want to consider a sensitivity test to really ascertain whether this is the actual problem. It is suitable to stop taking dairy foods for a duration of time while observing how your body reacts.


This goes back to unhealthy eating habits, it is well known that by consuming foods with a lot of carbs repeatedly, we provoke the body’s insulin causing hormones such as testosterone to produce acne which are very painful. As for sugar it might be hard to completely get rid of sugar entirely so it is advisable that you consume less sugary junk. Avoiding taking sugary things if you realize that this could be the cause of your acne and you will notice a difference after some time.


This is one of the major problem of acne in this era, reason being that fast foods are top on the list of menus in many countries. People have become too busy such that they opt for that grab and go snack. According to how Fast foods are cooked that is deep frying’ they usually contain a lot of soaked fat which causes swelling in your body leading to acne.

After reading the a fore mentioned information ,it is now time to put words into action, Therefore It is important to note that nothing comes easy and sacrifice and self-discipline should be enforced in order to get the best results. After finding out what caused your face acne get rid of them and instead substitute with healthy choices.
Also take into account your whole body’s welfare it would be advisable to change your lifestyle and start eating healthy because what you consume replicates on your skin. Form a habit of drinking water because this helps get rid of toxins in your body. Lastly it is all up to you to take charge of your body. Wishing you a flawless glowing smooth skin.


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