4 Simple Life Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know


Being a woman every day is pretty difficult. We have all the standard responsibilities, and are also required to have perfect hair and makeup while doing so. Everyone has “those” mornings- where your nails get smudged, your hair looks awful, your coat zipper breaks, and your car won’t start.





Here are a few really simple life hacks you should know for the next time you have a bad morning.

1.how to keep a zipper up

Every woman has had at least one pair of jeans with a tricky zipper. They’re annoying, embarrassing, and invariably come along with the most expensive pair of jeans in your wardrobe- just so you can’t shove them to the back of the closet without feeling like a wasteful, terrible person for dropping the cash on them and not using them. All you need, surprisingly, to fix the problem is the double ring off a key chain. Take the decorative part of the key chain off, and put the double ring onto the tab that lets you pull your zipper closed. Pull the zipper up, hook the ring over your button, and button the pants closed. Not only will the pants stay up because the ring is over the button but the button is buttoned over the ring, hiding it from sight. No one need ever know!


2.Falling Heel Pads

Just like the tricky zipper on jeans, your heel pads obviously are going to slip only in the most expensive and lovely of high heels. You need the heel pads because they create a buffer between the hard leather of the shoe back and the soft skin of your heel, preventing blisters, bleeding, and the inability to continue to wear heels. No matter- if your heel pads slip, fall out, or you simply need some nice new thick ones, just take out the offending pads, and use a small amount of super glue on the wrong side of the pad you’re putting back into the heel and affix it in place where you want it to sit. Make sure you get it in the right place- Superglue bonds almost immediately, and holds for a long time.


3.Smelly Shoes

Yes, this is another one about Shoes, but come on, they are the second most expensive thing we buy. Sometimes, Shoes get smells- and it’s not always because of your feet. The leather in shoes absorb odors from the environment around them, so unfortunately for you, if you work somewhere with a distinct smell, your shoes will eventually smell like it. Similarly, if you live somewhere with a distinct smell, like a farm, your shoes will begin to smell like that, too. Luckily enough it’s easily remedied. All you need are two green tea bags! open them up, so you have the bag of tea without the wrapper, and put one into each shoe. Put them away for a few days with the tea bags inside, and they should smell fresh as a daisy! This works well with mint tea, too.


4.Delicate Clothes always on the floor

We invest a lot in our clothes. The more delicate and easily damaged a piece of clothing is, the easier it is to wreck it, and the harder it is to care for. Take for example, a lace blouse. Lace is ridiculously hard to make, even with a machine. That’s why it’s so expensive. If you do manage to save up enough to get yourself a lovely lace blouse, you don’t want it wrecked, right? That’s why they like to slip off the hangers in the closet and be found crumpled on the floor in a heap. All you need to do is smooth out the blouse and get it ready to hang again, and this time, before you put it back, put a few rubber elastics over the ends of the hanger, so there’s a nice bumpy layer of rubber there. When you put the blouse up this time, it will stay up! this works for Silk, lace, velvet, and all other smooth fabrics.

There are plenty more hacks out there- there’s one for every problem! So don’t despair- the solution you’re looking for is out there!


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