3 Tips to Motivate Yourself For Fitness


Exercise is the key to leading a fit and healthy life. Everyone wishes to follow a proper fitness regime, however most of them fail due to lack of motivation. It is blamed on things like busy schedules and bad weather, but in reality, if you want it enough, you manage to do it.

As someone who has been pining for a healthy lifestyle for years now, I will share 3 crucial tips to motivate yourself to follow a fitness regime.

1. Like what you do

Choose a workout that you like. Personalize your fitness regime. Take up your favorite sport, go rock climbing or even swimming. If you enjoy doing it, you will be motivated for the experience itself rather than the exercise part of it. For example, I love to swim and for the year when I included swimming as my workout, I did not miss one single day. Indeed I even went swimming post dinner on really busy days. But since last year, I have been trying to run, but I absolutely hate it. Hence I still haven’t been able to do it on a regular basis.

2. Track and take on micro challenges

Tracking your progress is another great way to motivate yourself. Use an app or a simple notebook to note down your progress as well as workout experience. It will become a substantial proof that you are moving towards your goal, whether it is to loose weight or to get those six packs. Also it is crucial that you set realistic goals for yourself. It is always better to start with small targets. There is no better feeling than the exhilaration of achieving your goal, even if it is a micro-goal. That feeling will motivate you to achieve more such goals. Thus start small and you shall achieve great heights.

3. Read success stories and draw inspiration

Drawing inspiration from other people’s success stories is also a good way to motivate yourself. These stories show you that there are average people, just like you, out there, who are successfully following their fitness plans and achieving the results they want. Fitness blogs share several fitness hacks and tricks. Such fitness blogs and forums build an online community of people with common goals. You can share experiences and discuss your problems there. Sharing your achievements with others also acts as a great motivation.
There are several other ways to motivate yourself. You have to figure out what works the best for you.


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