Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Cool With GIF


Social networking has just got that much better since Facebook has just opened up a whole new world of profile pics for many of its users. Now the lucky users can make their profile picture come to life with the new GIF settings with just a few takes, clips, snips and uploads.

As of now it is only available for IOS users but hopefully all systems are not far behind.
To make this happen, a user that has this GIF availability awarded to them must go to the more tab on his or her Facebook profile. Click on your name and if your profile is equipped with this new tech you will see your profile picture in the middle of the page, a prompt asking you to create a new profile bio, a brand new photo feature section in which you can share your favorite Facebook photos with all of your friends and even most importantly a flashing camera video icon in the bottom of your profile picture. To create your new masterpiece click on that flashing icon and either upload a short 7 second video or capture a new one that which you want all of your adoring fans to see. This new tech also conveniently supports the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus Live Photos!
Unfortunately for some non IOS users, they must wait a little longer to add their own, but for now all the Facebook world can enjoy watching their friends’ silly, cute, stunning, or outrageous clip with just a simple search.
Another noteworthy tidbit of information is that all these changes must be made on the Facebook mobile app. A user will not be able to find these new additions in the web site. No worries though, the changes can be seen in the web app just not changed. Facebook provides users with some insights on this new tech tat say try and upload animated gifs that are high quality and end in .GIF. The file size should not exceed 8MB and should have no more than twenty percent text incorporated into the image, and always try to avoid images that are flashy or grainy.
The help page has numerous users’ questions on how to get his new hip profile content and hopefully soon this tech will be available to all of its users. Until then it is a long waiting game, a long longing waiting game.


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