Incredible Cadillac Escalade Luxury Concept One Curve


Cadillac Escalade is anything but cheap and nasty at a value of almost $75,000 but this car cost you for premium start package at $320,000 USD , But for that money, you get natural woods, premium leathers, precious metals, and a 16 speaker surround sound system from Bose.

It all adds up to an exceptional package, but of course, someone just had to step up and top it. Such is the face of human progression!

Introducing, for the insanely wealthy executives of the world, the Cadillac Escalade Luxury Concept One Curve. It’s a ridiculously comfortable mobile office- that you may not get much done in, due to the airplane like ambiance with exquisite captain’s chairs, gold plated airline tables, and plenty of legroom. It was created by boutique luxury conversion company Lexani and it boasts a 48 inch smart TV,Which also acts as a privacy screen between the driver and the passengers, and can be raised and lowered at whim. a Macintosh mini computer, and an apple ipad air 2- all, supposedly, to help you maintain productivity. But who wouldn’t want to have a movie night in there!?

It may become hard to focus on your work in such an environment, but if you can, you will never find a more comfortable or private place to get things done. Lexani is calling it the world’s first combination mobile office and theater. It’s not just the comfy chairs or the technology, either. The rear compartment also boasts a raised ceiling combined with more digital displays than a hospital. The vehicle comes equipped with security cameras and electronic complete window shades for your safety and privacy.

Tracvision Satellite that are availability is only one of the technologies in play, helping you keep in touch with the world. For the days when you’re really getting things done, there is video conferencing and a retractable partition for all your business meetings, as well as a host of other things that will not only make your life easier but significantly impress any clients or potential employees you may pick up for a meeting. The style, the workmanship, the exterior slickness and the interior gleam and shine- It all comes together to create a truly glam and totally enviable office. The owners of fortune 500 companies would wish for this! The company that created it, however, will not even list its price for the general public to see- it’s that expensive. So until the prices come down, most of us can simply dream. Until then!


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