9 Health Tips For Computer Jobs


Advancements in technology has changed the way to execute every day career jobs in our life. A lot of work is now done digitally with the use automated systems with the aid of computers. Consequently, many health issues have risen as a result of using computers for long hours. Concern has therefore been raise to establish guidelines on how to avoid these health complications.


1. Move around

Study shows that if you keep the same sitting posture for long hours there is a great risk of developing the risk of cancer. It is advisable to take hourly breaks from your sitting position as you move around. This enables your body to relax and reduce muscle cramping. Certain activities in a typical working office like receiving a call or communicating with colleagues can be conducted while moving. To evade the risk of cancer take regular breaks from your seat.


2. Stretch and relax

While working, you can slowly turn your head to the left for a few seconds the repeat the same to the right side. Also try to bend your chin toward the shoulder and maintain that posture for a little while. Your arms should be relaxed at all times then rotate your shoulders back and forth in a circular manner.


3. Observe the monitor height

The top of your screen should always be at the same level of your eyes. The wrong monitor position causes you to start straining and hurting the neck in the process. It is advisable to use an adjustable ergonomic chair and take time to set it up properly. In addition, the computer keyboard and mouse should be at the right height of the seated person. The keyboard should be in lower position than the elbow.


4. Use protective screen

Using the computer for long hours can cause extreme eye strain. This challenge can be solved by looking away from the computer at regular intervals. Taking breaks could also play a big role. It is also important to monitor the brightness of your screen and adjust it accordingly. Most important, use an anti-glare filter in front of the screen to reduce screen reflections that make the eye to strain.


5. Use a wrist rest

Continuous typing and use of the mouse can cause repetitive strain injury. The solution is to use a wrist rest while typing and taking a rest from the continuous computer work.


6. Take alternatives

Instead of working on the computer for long hours, you should alternate typing with other activities like reading or hand writing. This helps you to relax your mind and reduce stress accumulation.


7. Workout regularly

Working out should help you relax many body parts like your back and arms. Everyone who uses computer should have workout sessions as part of health concern.


8. Hand massage

The muscles at the palm of our hand can develop crumps. It is therefore advisable to have a deep massage of find a stress ball that can keep you doing our task continuously without adverse effects.

9. Find an anti-fatigue mat

When working on the computer, your feet can get tired within a short time. The solution is getting a soft may hat offers comfort and relaxation to your feet while working.


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