Are Ghost Real or Fake ?


Different people have different beliefs when it comes to the supernatural. One of the common belief would be the belief in spirits that reside in another realm or rather a parallel universe from ours.

The belief is the existence or lack of existence, thereof, in ghosts is largely attributed to the belief of paranormal phenomena all around us. This has led to the intervention of science that guides to either approve or disapprove the existence of ghosts.

One thing that most people are contradicting over is really what a ghost really is. Some argue that ghosts are just spirits of the dead that are trapped on this side trying to find closure while scientists put out a definition that ghosts are energies that are yet known. This could be argued that once a human being dies the energy which they posses can be manifested as the ghosts since what happens to the energy once they die is it goes into the environment and is manifested as a ghost.

The belief in ghosts goes down to personal experiences where people claim to have experienced or sensed some unexplained presence in their daily lives. The ideas that the dead remain with the living is an ancient and popular belief. This belief has led to wide coverage of ghost hunting and citing through popular streams such as books, films and television shows that aim to explain the paranormal phenomena that is ghost belief.

Some argue that these are put together as facts that they believe in while others say that it is basically fiction that has been made up to justify some supernatural and paranormal belief. While there are many contradictions of what a ghost really is whether false or true there are basics characteristics that most people agree upon such as them not being alive, not being of this world and being able to interact with this world. The key question is basically what kind of interaction these ghosts are able to achieve on this side of our world.

Some people claim that they are able to move through doors and walls while at the same time, touch and slam doors shut. Ghosts are also said to be able to touch, throw objects, posses the ability to appear and disappear. The evidence of ghosts is no better than it was years ago, their reality or lack of it is down to a person’s belief.


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