DIY Homemade Sugar Wax


If the excuse as to why you have a hairy body is because you missed an appointment with your waxing salon, then here is a great idea to save you the stress of keeping up with salon schedules. The use of a do-it-yourself homemade sugar wax is an easy, effective and natural way of waxing in a less painful way.

Also watch another video for easy preparation of sugar wax here.


• Sugar(1 cup)• Lemon juice or vinegar(2 tablespoons)• Water(2 tablespoons)
Over a high heated saucepan mix the above mentioned ingredients, bring them to a boiling with a high heat then after some minutes reduce the heat while stirring continuously until the paste turns brown. Turn off the heat and you are done, proceed to putting it in a clean glass container. There you have it, simple right? Wait for it to cool down before you can try it out.


1. What length of hair do you want to get rid of? This is a crucial question to ask yourself because experiences for removal of short hair differs from that of long hair but the difference is just a little uneasiness.

2. You are required to have strips of fabric either cotton or linen so go ahead and get that clothe you don’t use.

3. Apply some baby powder before waxing to enable the wax to sticks to the hair on your skin making it less painful.

4. Apply the sugar wax from the direction of hair growth with the help of a spatula or a wooden spoon.

5. Now take the strips of cloth you had prepared earlier and efficiently move it in the hairs growth direction.

6. After the wax has cooled of lightly pull the edge of your strip to check if it has stuck properly.

7. Finally in a shallow angle remove the strip carefully in the direction of your hair growth.
There you have it, no need of shying away from wearing a bikini in summer while the solution to silky smooth legs is aforementioned.


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