5 Tips to Break Your Bad Habit


Everybody has bad habits. While you resolve to start a great new great habit, it is also the time you promise to end your old bad habits. There are two kinds of bad habits: the once you are aware of, but others do not notice, and those you do not know you have, but people around you are aware of. Your bad habits may be your source of comfort, but it is a great idea to ditch them.


Whether yours is swearing, procrastinating, smoking, overspending, or any other bad habit you want to change, below are 5 tips to break your bad habits.


1 – Prepare For Weak Moments

Although it is great to start this process positively, failing to prepare for the weak moments and being too confident could be your biggest mistake. Do not rely on being too confident. Instead, accept that everybody lacks willpower at times and try to alleviate the temptation to prepare for weak moments. Make it difficult for you to indulge your bad habits. Stay away from stressful conditions, distance yourself from friends who encourage you to do your bad habits, or clear your cupboards of chocolates and biscuits.


2 – Understand What Triggers Your Bad Habit

Understanding how you make decisions in your life is the main key to conquering all kinds of your bad habits. You may find yourself repeating your bad habits often without realizing you are doing them. There are cues that usually contribute to every kind of bad habits. Being aware of them can really help you learn what is behind your bad habits.


3 – Set Realistic Expectations

The longer you have had your bad habit, the more ingrained it is in your life. Therefore, your expectations for the effort you will require changing your bad habits and the necessary time it will take you to change your bad habits need to be realistic. Thoroughly prepare yourself to achieve success and also practice patience with the process. Setting realistic goals will help you change your bad habits without experiencing difficulties.


4 – Change One Habit at a Time

Most of your bad habits have given you a source of comfort at one time. Trying to give up more than one source of comfort at the same time can feel too punitive or restrictive. These feelings often result in self-sabotage. Therefore, allow yourself to feel the success of giving up one bad habit of yours at a time. This will increase your confidence and motivation for tackling another bad habit.


5 – Replace Your Bad Habits with Good Ones

Giving up a bad habit can be very difficult, depressing and inconvenient at times. To compensate for the gaps in your life, find substitutes for your bad habits that help ease the pain. For instance, replace junk foods with healthy snacks, or replace your swearing words with other more innocent phrases. You can also take up a hobby to compensate for the time you used to spend watching TV, shopping or hanging out in bars. In addition, you can also register for daily exercise sessions at a nearby gym to give yourself a good life.




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