10 Health Benefits Of Ginseng


The food you eat can cause life threatening diseases. Many people are today shifting to herbs. In this article, we are going to specifically discuss health benefits of ginseng. There are over 50,000 people using ginseng in the world. The main three types of ginseng tea include: the Siberian, American and Asian ginseng tea. All are beneficial for human health.


Ginseng provides numerous health benefits, and today we will be discussing the top 10 benefits.

1 – Fights Cancer

Ginseng contains chemical compounds called ginsenosides considered to have powerful properties to fight cancer. The herb has been shown to help with cancer fatigue as well. If you are diagnosed with cancer, it is important to seek advice from your health care provider before you start taking ginseng, and be sure if you are a right candidate to use this herb.


2 – Boosts Immune System

Ginseng has the power to boost your immune system, helping you prevent and handle illnesses, diseases, and viruses. In individuals who choose to use it consistently, it also enhances the general immune system function. Drowsiness is a possible complication of ginseng, so using it with the influenza drugs may exacerbate this complication. In such instances, the herb is best taken when you have considerable time to rest properly.


3 – Enhances Mental Performance

It has been proven that taking ginseng when you first wake up in the morning, three times every week can boost your mental performance. You should start to detect enhanced mental performance after a while. Ginseng can also function as a stimulant, helping your brain cells and improving your attention and thinking skills.


#4 – Increases Male Libido

Ginseng plant is popularly known to be an aphrodisiac. The herb contains components that boost the output of nitric oxide in the organs of males. Nitric acid can aid in fighting erectile dysfunction. Studies that had been conducted had shown that men who previously had erectile dysfunction could attain better erection scores and get love satisfaction after eight weeks of taking ginseng.


5 – Fights Depression

Ginseng has antidepressant and stress relieving properties that are more effective than drugs used to treat anxiety and depression. In the year 2000, researchers conducted a study at the Institute of Medical Sciences at Banaras Hindu University in India. They found that ginseng stabilizes moods in patients with behavioral disturbances.


6 – Lowers Cholesterol

This herb contains saponins that stimulate cholesterol and enzymes transportation. Saponins have the ability to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood while maintaining the good cholesterol. This is according to the National Institute of Health. Therefore, if you have bad cholesterol, ginseng is a safe and proven method to handle your problem.


7 – Improves Cardiovascular Health

Another health benefit of consuming ginseng regularly is its ability to improve cardiovascular health by keeping good cholesterol levels and inhibiting platelet aggregation. However, there are clinical studies that had shown that the herb may worsen hypertension condition. Therefore, consult with a physician before you start to take ginseng.


8 – Relieves Fatigue

Ginseng is popularly known as an adaptogen which can strengthen the nervous system and relieves fatigue. In a British study conducted on nurses who do shift-work, the herb improved their mood and reduced fatigue. The nurses also performed better on speed tests and coordination. You are recommended to drink one cup of ginseng tea every day to help you fight off possible fatigue.


9 – Helps With Diabetes

Studies conducted on American Ginseng had shown that ingestion of ginseng can enhance control of blood glucose by producing sugar lowering effects. The result was discovered in average blood glucose levels. Ginseng helps treat diabetes type 2. However, the long term effects of ginseng are still unknown, so you should take ginseng with the prescriptions of your drugs unless you are supervised by a health care professional.


10 – Boosts Cognitive alertness

Ginseng is widely used in energy drinks to boost cognitive alertness. This herbal tea increases overall energy of the body. Therefore, it can help with mental acuity drinks. The Maryland Medical Center, University gave reports that people taking ginseng tea demonstrate increased memory, an improved ability to think abstractly and better concentration.



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