Indian Magic Chef Dipping His Hands In Boiling Oil


Boiling oil is so scary even to come near but we have one brave world recorder holder Mr. Trichan who makes fries with his own bare hands. He has the ability to dip his hands in a boiling oil and turn fish or whatever he is cooking without a single burn or blister.

He explains that when he dips his hands in boiling oil, his hand feel hot but it doesn’t interfere with his skin. His amazing skill has made his restaurant a choice for many as most of them merely come to witness this supernatural skill.

“Everyone wants me to dip my hand into hot oil. They want to see how I do it” these are his words from the given video. He further explains that it is about experience that he is able to do it. He states that he once did it and when nothing happened to his skin, he did it again, and since then he has been doing it. Most people do not believe whether this is possible and to eliminate their doubts, they have to visit Ganesh restaurant and experience first hand information. This restaurant is ever busy experiencing long queues always with all sorts of people from different parts of the world.

It is hard to explain scientifically how possible this can be and it is said that it is a practice he has perfected over the past 25 years. He hopes that his children will be able to carry on with his hand-frying technique. The restaurant from which he operates was started by his father sixty years ago and he later joined hands to run it and he hopes his children will pick after him. The restaurant fries over 100 kg of fish every day and most of the frying is done by him. Different people are talented different differently but Mr. Trichan`s ability is beyond explanations.


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