3 Parallel Parking Tips And Tricks To Park Perfectly


Parallel parking may not be as hard as it seems especially with a few times practice. However, it can pose to be quite a challenge for a new driver or for a student doing it for their driving test.

Here are driving tips on how to parallel park with ease:

1. Identify your parking spot

First ensure that you locate the spot you want to park and signal towards it. It is advisable to look for a parking spot that leaves quite some room especially if you are a new driver. A parking spot that is slightly longer than your vehicle is most recommended. Once you have the right parking spot ensure that you use your driver-side and rear-view mirrors to know what is going on around you. Slow down and stop once you approach the parking spot. If you notice another car approaching you from behind keep signaling to make them aware that you want to park.


2. How to approach the spot

First position your car right beside the car you want to park behind. Do not park so close so that you have space for maneuvering. Ensure that the back of your front eat is aligned with the back of the front seat of the car you want to park behind. At this point you can now engage reverse, use your mirrors again to ensure all is clear then start reversing. Turn your steering wheel hard towards the curb and keep looking over your shoulder so that you are sure about the space behind you. If you happen to see things are not going as per you want them to or you hit the curb then you may have to consider shifting gears and move forward a bit then engage reverse again. Once you are able to position the back of your front door in line with the next car’s rear bumper then you can now turn the steering wheel away from the curb so that your car can entirely be on the parking spot.


3. Center your car in the parking spot

Once you have the car in positioned in the parking spot try straightening out your car to perfectly fit the spot. Move close to the car behind but be careful not to hit its bumper. Then move forward slightly so that you can perfectly center your car in the parking spot.

Now, with the above driving tips you are assured that you are perfectly parallel parked in your ideal parking spot.


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