Best Bollywood Action Movie Scene Ever Seen


There is only one word to describe this Bollywood Action Movie epic. Well, it is also ridiculous and funny. This Movie Scene comes from a 90s action movie when outlandish fight scenes were all the rage.

In fact, many Bollywood movie stars like Rajnikanth and Vijyakanth made their names getting revenge in outlandish ways. These men were the superheroes of their time and could perform feats with their hands and legs that even Superman may not have been able to achieve. While this is a relic of the past, it is still as interesting and funny as it every was.

Watch as our hero doles out righteous justice to the goons who offended and laid their hands on a poor old lady. Our hero rushes to her aid and defends her against a pack of hooligans before eventually bringing down a rain of punches on their leader. All of this without a scratch on him. He even manages to save time by lining them up and running through them like dominoes. And the villains are happy to oblige, lining their faces up so he can save some time in beating them up.

We wish that movies like these were still made. With all our cynicism and desire for realism, the real creativity on show in this video has all but been wiped out. People knew that none of this was real buy still enjoyed every bit of comeuppance the heroes could deliver to these stereo typically evil villains. The best part of this video is its use of slow motion as our lady falls and our hero sweeps in on his motorbike, seemingly working under different laws of physics. Cheer with the villagers as our hero takes down the gang harassing the entire village and feel the sweet smell of revenge that was not served cold but hot and spicy here.


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