How To Deal With Someone Parking In Front of Your Driveway


Parking near private driveways or blocking people driveways , What is the Law, Facts and Tickets or police legality ?

Blocking or Parking over a driveway belonging to another person has become one of the most frequent reasons that people conflict with their neighbors. It is discourteous, rude and can lead to a number of problems, particularly if the whole access to the driveway is totally blocked in both directions.

When in this situation, most homeowners attempt to fight the situation with anger and may even come out showing off a copy of Highway Code, which in section 243 states that motorists should not park in front of any entrance to a home.

Nevertheless, they can take things to extra mile and report offenders to the law enforcement – it is often a big shock to discover that it is legal for motorists to park in front any personal driveway, regardless of what the Highway Code says. The vital factor is to have consideration to is the language that is used in rulings.

If ‘Do not’ is the keyword, then it is an advisory and should be obeyed – there is no legal effect if a motorist ignores it. On the other hand, if the rule states Must not’ it is a legal requirement and thus the driver ought to obey the law or if caught a reported, it will lead to face legal action.

It doesn’t seem fair that people do this when you are away from your home if your driveways onto home is blocked, then you find a police officer or enforcer who will follow up for you, that is contacting the owner and asking them to move away the car. Still, police are not mean t to act as to the Highway Codes; all drivers have right to park anywhere on public highway except areas that are forbidden.

Generally, all this flows down to question of respect and courtesy between neighbors. If you suffer from a recurring offender who persists on blocking a driveway then do be vigilant. Since you know the law does not back you, then the greatest steps you can take is approaching them peacefully and sort out the situation politely.

If this people aren’t interested and continue ignoring you and park in front of your driveway, then sadly the only step to take is to ensure you have full way in to your driveway, If you carry out this often, they will probably give up.

Is it legal to park in front of an unused garage ?

If the garage is still used to store goods, then the garage owner could take actions for blocking garage access. It could be a Criminal or Civil matter.
Here is an example of thought, if your vehicle accidentally damages at the garage owner while trying to enter the garage, you will be accountable for all expenses without any insurance cover, and this is because you blocked the entree.

Small claims courts pledge no recovering of damages. It is legal to park in front of an unused garage provided that you do not obstruct the path .The Traffic Code section 1004 states, The lessee/owner of a property shall be allowed to park the lessee’s or owner’s vehicle across the driveway of stated property, provided that the vehicle displays a official license plate as stated in the address of the property .The Section does not authorize the parking of motor vehicle across red zones or in sidewalks.

The traffic codes states that you can park your vehicle across your driveway. A reminder of this is that, it is illegal to park a vehicle across curb cuts that are designated openness slopes. Not all accessibility slopes are marked in this ways. For instance, ramps at cross ways are not specifically designed as being accessible.

In The U.S Vehicle Code Section 22500 states: No person shall park, stop, or leave standing any motor vehicle whether unattended or attended, except when its essential to avoid conflicts with traffic or in observance with all the directions of a official traffic or peace officers device, in one of the following areas :In front of private or public driveway, in exception of a bus engaged as a school bus ,common carrier may stop to unload or load passengers .


How to deal with someone parking In front of your driveway ?

Here is a way of dealing with someone who parks in front of your own driveway: All you need is to act as an adult, gain some standpoint, and move on. This is assumed when they are only parking and blocking a little part of your driveway. If they block the whole driveway, you need respond in entirely different ways: you start looking for an outlet where you can plug in your drill



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