Watch Excited Sweet Dog Joy as Its Owner returns Home After 2 Years


Casey, a cute schnauzer was reunited with her owner after 2 years and just could not hide her excitement. Watch as she runs up to her owner, Rebecca as soon as she spots her coming up the driveway to shower her with over.

She was so overwhelmed by the reunion that she started running around and snuggling up to Rebecca’s face. The joy may have been a bit too much though because Casey can’t take too much of it and started to feel faint and passed out from the pure rush of excitement.

Rebecca did not get to see her beloved dog for 2 years as she was working and living in the Slovenian city of Bled. Bled is a beautiful little town which is famous for its architecture and a church built in the middle of a lake. But even that beauty could not keep Rebecca away from Casey for too long as you can see her joy at seeing her dog again as well. Her joy turns to worry as Casey stumbles and seems to faint but there is a happy ending as she quickly gets up and is back to her excited self.

Rebecca recently got married in Slovenia and her whole family was in attendance. Except poor Casey of course who could not make the trip over. Imagine how excited she would have been at the wedding. She might have fainted there as well. But all is well now, the two friends have been reunited and after the vet checked the video and had a look at Casey a few times, she was said to be fine. 2 years in a lot longer for dogs than it is for humans and Casey must have been pining for the reunion for a while. She greets her owner the same way every time she comes to see her now.


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