5 Tips for Lowering Your Blood Pressure


Looking at the gradual change in human lifestyle, it is not shocking that new diseases are coming up that proves to be life threatening. One such issue that seems to have grabbed attention of many people is blood pressure. High blood pressure if not treated or controlled on time can trigger and result to death as well. Taking only medicine will not control the pressure but you need to change certain ways of your lifestyle too. Hypertension also known as blood pressure can arise if the pressure is more than 1440/90 mmHg. This puts you at high risk for conditions like heart disease and stroke.

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1. Lose Weight

In country like U.S, the rate of obesity and overweight people has increased considerably. Be it the lifestyle change, more intake of junk food, lack of sleep, or more intake of alcohol, reasons can be many but blood pressure has become the output of obesity. For this you need to lose weight as:

  • Weight loss makes the blood pressure medicines worth and effective. You can do this by cutting off those unnecessary calories from the body.
  • You need to maintain yourself in a healthy range. Say good bye to alcohol and speed up your metabolism rate
  • You must lose that bulging fat from your tummy. Skip junk and include healthy food in the routine for effective weight loss.

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2. Healthy Diet

This matter the most as natural food anytime has got the healing properties. For a good health, green leafy vegetables are always healthy. Along with that goes the fruits and whole grains that maintains the blood pressure. To maintain a healthy diet you need to:

  • Change your eating habits and switch to healthy food options
  • Put only low fat dairy in your fridge to drink and eat whenever you are hungry.
  • Keep the food rich with potassium. Add the appropriate potassium quantity in your meal plan for balancing the blood pressure in the right manner.

    © Andres Rodriguez - Fotolia.com
    © Andres Rodriguez – Fotolia.com

3. Perform Workout

This is another crucial thing for a good blood pressure level. To perform work, add the following things in your routine plan:

  • Cardiovascular exercise helps to maintain the blood pressure and speed up the heart rate. For this work out like rowing, skating and bicycling is the best option.
  • Build up your muscle and make your muscle stronger as it speeds up the rate to burn unnecessary calories.
  • Perform stretches as it improves flexibility and protect the body from injuries.

    © Monkey Business - Fotolia.com
    © Monkey Business – Fotolia.com

4. Say No to Stress

Stress plays a negative role in your routine. Hence, you must ensure that you switch to stress reliving options like:

  • Meditation is the best way to stay calm and composed and have a better point of view. This helps to keep the body serene.
  • Do your hobby; be it shopping, swimming, watching TV, performs any kind of hobby at least once in your lifestyle for better stress relive.
  • Yoga: It is one of the best things to kick of the stress. Learn different yoga poses that can help you reduce your blood pressure problem.

    © Alina Cardiae - Fotolia.com
    © Alina Cardiae – Fotolia.com

5. No More Salt

Salt increases the blood pressure. The more your salt level is the high are the changes of your blood pressure to increase. For this you need to:

  • Switch to diet more of fruits and salad in which salt requirement is less
  • Drink stress juices and east low salt based food.
  • For better health and good life quality, utilize the above tips and stay fit and happy.


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