Watch Hilarious Indian Action Movies Scenes


There is certain sense of humor about watching Bollywood movies even if you do not understand the language. Most popular Bollywood movies are memorable for delivering an action scene that leaves the viewers laughing off loudly like they have just inhaled Nitrous Oxide.

To make it better, there is a brief music break where hot dancers appear out of nowhere setting up the theme of the story. Such a well combination of action scene equipped actors that double up as musicians would make Chuck Norris seem like an amateur is what makes Bollywood movies so interesting to watch.

There is certain video clip that has gone viral in social media since 2011. The clip starts with a policeman seated on a car’s bonnet while it is moving. At a closer look, the policeman does not seem to be perturbed by the dangers of literary sitting on top of a fast moving car to the point that the law enforcer looks like he is sun-bathing on a beach. However, there are at least a dozen villains approaching him but as soon as they get closer, the officer jumps out of the car in disgust to his opponents.  you would expect the policeman to sweat much trying to neutralize the enemy but he gives out a single slap that leaves the victim flying high through the air! Perhaps the most mind blowing moment is when the guy grabs a driver through a car window while the car is elevated in mid-air motion at a very high speed.

Another story is about a retired top police commander who embarks on a mission to end the reign of a notorious gangster with help from other criminals, a perfect recipe for action. However, it is not just the plot line that makes the movie interesting but rather how the action scenes were executed. Quite exceptional, the film integrates both Indian and Western world elements thus recommended for a wider audience. The movie was directed by Ramesh Sippy and features Amjad Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan.

In Vijayendri Verma, a man is dropped from a plane a few miles up in the air and sprayed with bullets while he is falling to the ground. Like that is not incredible, the main character aims a flag-post attached with an Indian flag to the target which pierces the falling man in mid-air before hitting the ground. Other action scenes from the film are simply hilarious making the protagonist a perfect match for superman, the descendant of Kryptonite. Balakrishna literary crushes men like bugs and hurls them in the air never to return again. Additionally, the main character poses a power to shoot fireballs from his eyes and somehow controls electricity while surrounded by a midst of tornado. It is quite rare for an action scene to make someone laugh hysterically but Indian movies defy the odds.


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